Master’s student from DTU Civil Engineering awarded with prize at international conference

Wednesday 08 Mar 17
by Thogre


Ongun Berk Kazanci
Assistant Professor
DTU Civil Engineering
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Bjarne W. Olesen
DTU Civil Engineering
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You can also find the paper here
Louis Marcos Dominguez, who has a master in indoor climate from DTU Civil Engineering, was awarded with the prize for the best contribution from a doctoral student at the 2017 ASHRAE Winter Conference in Las Vegas. Despite the fact that he just finished his master’s thesis last summer, he received the award at the doctoral level. The award of best contribution is a combined prize, which is awarded based on both the presentation and the paper.

The objective of the conference, which took place last month, was “bridging contemporary challenges and challenges of the future for designing, building and operating buildings that are energy efficient and sustainable”.

Louis Marcos Dominguez’ contribution to resolve these challenges,”Effects of acoustic ceiling units on the cooling performance of thermally activated building systems (TABS)”, which is written in cooperation with researchers from International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy (ICIEE), was chosen out of 180 conference papers.

“The prize is awarded for the best student contribution at a doctoral level. And the fact that the prize is awarded to a master level researcher emphasizes the high quality of research and education at DTU – and not least Louis Marcos Dominguez’ academic skills”, says Ongun Berk Kazanci, Post Doc at Section for Indoor Climate and Building Physics and a co-author of the paper.

Hard work and talent is the reason for the recognition

Ongun Berk Kazanci believes that there is no doubt that the prize and Louis Marcos Dominguez’ high academic level are results of hard work and talent.

“Marcos did quite a lot of high quality work in a short time during his Master’s thesis. He was hardworking, dedicated and focused. He was able to master both experimental and simulation work during his studies, which led to several publications”, says Ongun Berk Kazanci.

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