PhD student Mariya Bivolarova received the P.O. Fanger’s Scholarship

Monday 09 May 16


Mariya Petrova Bivolarova
DTU Civil Engineering
+45 50 24 37 77

PhD student Mariya Bivolarova received the  P.O. Fanger’s Scholarship on April 13, 2016. The scholarship was presented during annual congress of the Association of Danish Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning Engineers (DANVAK) by General Secretary of DANVAK Mr. Michael Mast.
The committee evaluating nominations for the scholarship highly appreciated the outstanding level of research performed by Mariya and its innovative aspects. As written in the nomination letter by Prof. Arsen Melikov who is the supervisor of Mariya: Her research contributes with the new knowledge on transport of tracer gases and aerosols in indoor spaces. This knowledge is important during laboratory and field investigations examining transport of airborne pollutants, as well as during design of ventilation. Mariya has studied methods to control the airflow in the vicinity of human body. She has developed a new energy efficient method for ventilation of hospitals, which takes its principle in removing the pollutants at the source. The method results in a significant improvement of air quality and reduction of risk of airborne infections in hospital rooms. It allows additionally to reduce four times the airflow delivered by central ventilation system, thereby considerable savings of energy can be achieved. Her experiments documented that the new method of ventilation can be applied in buildings as well as in the vehicles

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